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By Jackie Pilossoph, Divorced Girl Smiling Editor-in-Chief

I can still remember exactly how I felt at age 48, on the day I received my AARP card in the mail: sick. Why? Because of the reality that 50 was just around the corner. Would being over 50 mean a jump into the category of “old?” Was I supposed to start shopping for nursing homes and seeking out senior citizen discounts?


The funny thing is, that mentality vanished quickly. At 52, I feel better than ever. I’m not going to lie and say that I’m better than ever physically. But aside from some unavoidable aging issues, I’d say life over 50 is bliss, and I really mean that.


If you feel this way (or if you want to feel this way), there is a new club out there that aims to connect people like us: men and women who want to enjoy life in their fifties. It’s called The Béo Club.


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Calling itself a “lifestyle movement,” The Béo club is a members-only app, where over 50 men and women all over the U.S. can connect online and in person, go to events, read articles specifically targeted for those over 50, and contribute their own life experiences to the club.


“The Béo Club is a movement,” said Tim Bryant, who is the president of the Michigan based company, which launch a few weeks ago. “It’s a vehicle that connects great people with other great people. The Béo Club is about being part of something, sharing your experience, and starting conversations and friendships. Everybody has stories. We want you to tell them to others.”


Forty-six year old Bryant said The Béo Club got its name from the Gaelic word Beo, which means “alive.”



“We wanted to have a name that stood for who we are and what we are trying to do,” Bryant said. “Our mission is to let people know that when you’re 50, you are not only alive, but you can be ignited and engaged and live life to its fullest.”


Bryant said face-to-face interactions are a key part of The Béo Club.


“We feel like that’s missing in society,” he said. “With so much Facebook and other social media out there, we feel like people aren’t getting those real connections that foster friendships and relationships. Meeting in person could mean a better social life, networking for business, or reconnecting with old friends.”

Events that include parties, boat tours, museum tours, cocktail receptions, live entertainment and seminars have already started taking place in parts of the Midwest. The Béo Club plans to expand the events across the U.S.

The Béo Club costs $12 a month or $120 per year to join. The membership includes access to the app, where you can share your opinion, read discussion boards, read articles (many written by me!), and invitations to all Béo Club events.


“We are always listening to what our members want and what they need, and so far they want connections, friendships and ideas on how to live authentically at this point in their lives,” Bryant said. “People want to share their stories and the biggest thing is, they want to have fun.”


Here is how I feel about being in my fifties and I shared this with Bryant. You have all of this knowledge and wisdom and self-confidence and you’re smarter. You also appreciate life and relationships so much more. Let’s be honest, we’re aging so there are some physical downsides, but there is so much upside that comes from being strong, knowing what you want and need, and not settling for anything that doesn’t make you happy.


“The glory of The Béo club is that it allows people who feel like you do to connect, exchange ideas, share life experiences, and almost teach each other the beauty of being happy,” he said.


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