Tips For Loneliness From Social Distancing And Divorce


April 3rd, 2020 . Jackie Pilossoph

It might be one of the most painful emotions a person can feel: loneliness. It’s an empty, sad, depressing, scary and hopeless feeling. An unhappy marriage, a separation, or a divorce can all cause someone to feel incredibly lonely. But add social ...

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Feeling Lonely? Tips On Learning How To Love Being Alone


June 3rd, 2018 . Jackie Pilossoph

In my opinion, feeling lonely is one of the most painful emotions someone can experience. Loneliness can feel isolating and depressing and empty. But, it doesn't have to be that way! Being single and/or alone can feel empowering and there are so many...

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Why Can’t I Find A Man And Why Do I Always Feel Alone?


February 19th, 2018 . Jackie Pilossoph

 When a woman emailed me these two questions: 1) Why can’t I find a man? and 2) Why do I always feel alone? I felt I had to dig deeper. So, I asked her some questions. I asked about her past, her relationship history, how she met the guys, what th...

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Loneliness: It Might Be The Worst Pain Someone Can Feel


August 6th, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

The other day, I ran into a divorced woman who I now suspect is suffering. From what?  Loneliness. I hadn’t seen her in awhile. We said hello and then I started asking her questions—you know, the typical things you ask someone. “How’s life?...

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