A Star Is Born: The Movie, The Actors, and Alcoholism


October 12th, 2018 . Jackie Pilossoph

If you haven't seen 'A Star Is Born,' (the new one with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper) I would highly recommend it! Best movie I've seen in a long time. But there is a very very sad theme to it: alcoholism, so be prepared. I have heard that alcoholism...

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Alcoholism Doesn’t Always Mean Divorce


September 17th, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

Alcoholism is almost always a huge relationship issue. Some people choose to stay with a spouse with an addiction, and some choose to divorce. In Mark Suppelsa's case, he and his wife, Candus managed to stay together. He said the journey isn't easy, ...

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Why The Serenity Prayer Should Be Required Daily Reading For Those Facing Divorce


December 14th, 2015 . Jackie Pilossoph

It all began last Wednesday at noon in a diner where I was having lunch with my boyfriend. I can't even remember what we were talking about, but somehow the conversation shifted to me complaining about being a single mom with not enough time and some...

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Living With a Substance Abuser?


October 30th, 2015 . Jackie Pilossoph

Men and women living with a substance abuser often face the choice, "Should I stay or should I go." That most likely includes Khloe Kardashian, estranged wife of Lamar Odom. In this week's Love Essentially, published yesterday in Chicago Tribune Pion...

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Should This Woman Leave Her Depressed Husband?


January 13th, 2015 . Jackie Pilossoph

When people think of depression, they usually picture women more than men. (Think postpartum or menopause.) But depression in men is a very serious subject, and much more common than people think. Furthermore, a depressed husband can cause big proble...

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