Diary of a Wellness Retreat in Italy

wellness retreat in Italy

By Hannah McKitrick, Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, Culinary Instructor

I just returned home from leading a week-long culinary and wellness retreat in Italy. Southern Italy. Retreats by nature are designed to be life changing. There is something so sacred that happens when a group of souls journeys together through the unknown for a week. They get to witness the raw, unfiltered versions of each other through highs and lows. 

This connection in it of itself would be special enough. However, in my wellness retreats, I like to sprinkle in the most euphoric food and wine adventure on top of the deep soul-to-soul connection. Is there anything better?!?! 


I want everyone to be able to experience this type of life changing magic. So, while on retreat, I documented our day-by-day itinerary so you can feel like you are there with us! Grab some cheese and Prosecco as you allow yourself to be transported to the coast of southern Italy… 

My diary of my latest wellness retreat in Italy


Day 1: Intuitive Health Retreat in Italy

Women traveled across the world to this tucked-away slice of heaven on earth in Calabria, Italy. Arrival day was about relaxing and grounding down after long travel journeys. We greeted everyone with Prosecco, spritz, and a 4 coursed welcome dinner prepared by the Italian Culinary Institute. The food and wine from the ancient land of Calabria revitalized the group as they got ready to embark on a soul journey of renewal and culinary bliss.


My Intuitive Health - Heal your Mind, Body, and Soul, in the Kitchen

Day 2: Kitchen Time!

We spent the morning learning (and tasting!) the art of creative Italian cuisine from the experts at the Italian Culinary Institute. Italians share a similar philosophy to mine – simple ingredients prepared with intention and flavor create euphoria for the mind and body. 

With full bellies and happy souls, the group transitioned into our opening retreat circle where we did desire-based frequency work to shift into our next up-level. This retreat helps participants viscerally feel and be in the essence of their desires.  

Then it was time for more food! We went to a serene agriturismo where they hand-make every single ingredient on their property. We delved into handmade ricotta, smoked cheese with honey, cured meats, arancini, risotto, handmade pasta, and of course, house-made wine. There is nothing like sharing communion with soul sisters over gourmet food and wine!


Day 3: Mercatino, Pasta, Tiramisu, and Pizza!

We spent the morning exploring an open-air market where local Italians buy produce picked that same day. After roaming the streets of Italy we rolled up our sleeves for everyone’s favorite – hands-on pasta making! Everyone got to roll out and shape their own pasta while we cranked the tunes, sipped Prosecco, and snacked on the homemade tiramisu that we watched the Italian Culinary Institute demo just hours earlier.

After a break on the beach we ventured to a pizzeria that makes their flour using ancient grains. The history and love in these ingredients were felt by all and made for an incredibly powerful and delicious meal. These joy-filled activities melt away any stress and remind each person how fun life is supposed to be!


Day 4: Day Trip!

We journeyed to the west coast of Italy to the seaside town of Tropea (and of course had to stop for caffè and cornetti on the way). We explored, shopped, and feasted. After adventuring we were greeted back ‘home’ with spritz, gnocchi, eggplant torta, and strawberry spumone.

At lunch, people shared the profound power that’s been happening for them on retreat. They noticed their former judgment of themselves magically melt away and replaced with a newfound acceptance and conviction.

The power of taking space away from daily routine and surrounding yourself with a community of powerful uplifting women who SEE you is unmatched. Paired with gourmet food and wine…. An unbeatable combination. 

Day 5: Cooking, Coaching, and Cocktails!

Each participant got set up with their own cooking station to prepare the pasta they had shaped and stuffed earlier in the week. They cooked their 5-star pasta dish flavored exactly how they liked. 

We enjoyed a hazelnut gelato break then took our coaching circle to the beach where everyone reflected on the frequency shifts that they’ve created for themselves this week. We did a group cold plunge swim in the Ionian Sea that helped support this shift on a cellular level.

We were greeted back ‘home’ with a sunset buffet of cocktails and mocktails to go with our apertivo (Italian buffet of snacks.)

Another wholesome day of deepening new friendships, creativity, food magic, and way too many laughs


Day 6 (final day): Pizza Party and Winery!

We sealed our time in Italy together in the most authentic way – pizza and wine! We toured a family-owned vineyard and tasted their exquisite wines which were paired with a homemade Italian family-style meal.

We closed out the sacred retreat container as the sun was setting. Everyone shared their shifts from the week which included feeling utterly supported, connecting deeply with new soul sisters, bringing acceptance to themselves, letting themselves have fun, letting go, and trusting in the divineness of universal flow.

We brought this love into our final meal, homemade pizza! Each participant got to craft their own pizza and cook it in the wood-fired oven. Everyone is leaving with a full heart (and belly) and an ingrained sense of community, joy, and their own soul’s light. 

Thanks for following along on our journey! I hope this itinerary inspires you to go treat yourself. Whether its some homemade pizza, some local cheese, expensive wine, or a trip to Italy – your life is worth the fun!!!


Want to join us for our next retreat? Learn more here!


Hannah McKitrick
Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, Culinary Instructor, Founder, My Intuitive Health


Health can be such a drama!! — but I’ve learned that life is too short to be serious… I’ve had some heavy seasons in my life where I was literally at war in my mind and at war with my body. For years I felt trapped in my crippling anxiety and confusion about how to eat. This is why I’m now obsessed with creating experiences that help you FEEL AND BE lighter.

After graduating from college with a degree in economics and working in sales, I yearned for more education on my truest passion: cooking. Wanting to learn from the best, I packed my bags for Southern Italy to attend the Italian Culinary Institute where I earned my Masters of Italian Cuisine. The techniques, skills, and people I met were invaluable but I was constantly looking for ways to create dishes that were both wholesome and complementary to my body and how I wanted to feel. I didn’t want to feel constricted by a diet and wanted to learn how to integrate more food freedom while still feeling empowered. I became a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist at The Academy of Healing Nutrition in London and the Nutritious Life Studio. Slowly but surely all my passions began feeding off each other (no pun intended) as I was able to create mouth-watering meals in the kitchen that worked for my body while helping others discover what worked for their own bodies and lifestyles.

I soon discovered that my work was so much more than just making healthy food taste amazing (which we do)! But it’s about holding a space of healing lightness for others to undergo a complete energetic transformation in their relationship with themselves and food. People have the power to raise their vibration and become their own healers but infusing high vibe energy through their hands and into their food. Learn more on my website.

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