Why Italy is the Perfect Way to Supplement Therapy Post Divorce

By Hannah McKitrick, Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, Culinary Instructor

Getting divorced is traumatic, which is why therapy is so common during this time. But I want to share a perfect way to supplement therapy, (if you are in therapy) and it’s one word: Italy.


The women I meet who have been through a divorce all want similar things:





  • To have some freaking FUN.
  • To reclaim the light-hearted and playful version of themselves that they misplaced during their marriage. 
  • To get back in touch with what lights THEIR soul on fire (not their partners, not their kids).
  • To be fully seen and held in a community of empowering women. 
  • To be nourished and pampered like a queen. 


Sometimes the pain of a divorce is best managed by talking with a therapist on a couch. I am a big supporter of therapy. But, sometimes the pain of divorce is best transmuted by going out and LIVING what feels fun and doing what makes your insides giddy with excitement. This kind of therapy supplement is far from “avoidance.”It’s actually wisdom in knowing when it’s time to shift from talking about the past into being free.

Most self-growth minded high achievers are well aware of their limiting beliefs and patterns. Shaming yourself or trying to force your mind to think happy thoughts helps, but is not what will transform grief into peace and acceptance. What I’m referring to is giving the body a felt experience of a different way of being. Not through force, but through pleasure.

This way to supplement therapy is about healing through play, joy, and fun. 


I’m talking about Italy. This is what I do with the women going through a divorce who courageously say yes to fly across the world and come to Italy on my retreats. There’s something very powerful about stripping away your normal routine. What’s left is YOU: the authentic, bold, courageous, joyful, playful, essence that you are.


My Intuitive Health - Heal your Mind, Body, and Soul, in the Kitchen


Sometimes you simply need a shift in environment to really let that shine. We can get so bogged down in the day-to-day stressors of things that actually don’t matter. What matters is you feeling free to live in and express true joy.

The ancient land of Italy supports this healing integration. The laid back lifestyle, the sacred ritual of food and wine, the crystal clear beaches, and carefree attitudes. Their culture instills that which really matters in life – impeccable food, good company, espresso, and handmade wine!!

The essence of what I’m trying to say isn’t that you need to come on my retreat to Italy, (though you’re totally invited)! And maybe therapy is a good tool for you, and I support that. But really, to supplement therapy, why not try a different approach to peace, acceptance and happiness?

My Italy trip is about coming back to you, your essence, your power THROUGH reclaiming your joy.

Giving yourself permission to take time for you, make space for your inner knowing, and relish in life’s little luxuries. Life is too short not to make everyday your playground. What can you do today that lights your soul on fire? Go do that, and repeat! 




Hannah McKitrick
Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, Culinary Instructor, Founder, My Intuitive Health


Health can be such a drama!! — but I’ve learned that life is too short to be serious… I’ve had some heavy seasons in my life where I was literally at war in my mind and at war with my body. For years I felt trapped in my crippling anxiety and confusion about how to eat. This is why I’m now obsessed with creating experiences that help you FEEL AND BE lighter.

After graduating from college with a degree in economics and working in sales, I yearned for more education on my truest passion: cooking. Wanting to learn from the best, I packed my bags for Southern Italy to attend the Italian Culinary Institute where I earned my Masters of Italian Cuisine. The techniques, skills, and people I met were invaluable but I was constantly looking for ways to create dishes that were both wholesome and complementary to my body and how I wanted to feel. 

I didn’t want to feel constricted by a diet and wanted to learn how to integrate more food freedom while still feeling empowered. I became a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist at The Academy of Healing Nutrition in London and the Nutritious Life Studio. Slowly but surely all my passions began feeding off each other (no pun intended) as I was able to create mouth-watering meals in the kitchen that worked for my body while helping others discover what worked for their own bodies and lifestyles.

I soon discovered that my work was so much more than just making healthy food taste amazing (which we do)! But it’s about holding a space of healing lightness for others to undergo a complete energetic transformation in their relationship with themselves and food. People have the power to raise their vibration and become their own healers but infusing high vibe energy through their hands and into their food. Learn more here.

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