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Men and women are always asking me, “How do I meet someone?” as if because I am a dating and divorce expert I should know. Like anyone else, I think that is a tough question. But, something happened a couple days ago that ignited the spark for my Love Essentially column, and it had to do with the potential of a romantic relationship that can stem from LinkedIn or another business networking site. Here is my dating advice column, published yesterday in Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press:

The Fine Line Between Business and Your Love Life by Jackie Pilossoph

I attended a business networking meeting this morning where, when I first walked in, a crowd stood around a woman who was showing everyone her left ring finger. On it: a brand new diamond ring.

As all the women admired the ring and congratulated her on her recent marriage, I asked the million dollar question, “How did you two meet?”

With a glow and a sparkle in her eye, she replied, “Of all places, at a networking meeting.”
I was curious. “Like what? A speed dating event? A party hosted by a dating site?” I asked.

She replied, “No, a business networking event, just like this.”

It actually made perfect sense. What better place to meet the love of your life than during an event where you’re dressed nicely and aiming to be on your best, most polite and charming behavior? Additionally, you’re surrounded by people who all have your same goal: grow your business. So, you already have a huge commonality.

Let’s face it. Work can be sexy. It’s business suits, skirts, high heels, makeup and iPhones, versus ponytails, laundry, old jeans and diapers. A professional setting, whether in the office or even online, highlights the drive and ambition in others, which can prove to be a huge turn on.

A great example is LinkedIn, a professional networking site which has more than 330 million members, who likely joined either to find a new job or make connections to improve their current job or business. But do some members have other motives? I believe they do.
If you look at a person’s LinkedIn profile, it almost always includes their qualifications, achievements, skills, and even references. And, of course, there’s a photo. Posting all of this is great if you’re trying to get ahead in business, but aren’t these the same types of things you are selling a potential mate?

My point is, what are you getting from joining a dating website that you can’t find on LinkedIn? Click here to read the rest of the article!

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  1. jro010567

    I loved this post Jackie! I always wondered if I was the only one that thought LinkedIn would be another great resource for meeting people. I haven’t been to a networking event in quite some time so it looks like I need to step out of my comfort zone and get out there:)


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