Dear Abby…I mean, Dear Jackie. Divorce Advice from a Divorced Person


June 14th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

I am not a therapist, (but you knew that.) I’m not a divorce lawyer, (but you knew that, too.) What I am is a divorced woman. So, knowing that I’m not claiming to have the perfect answers, here is some divorce advice from me, based on my past exp...

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Honey, I Want A Divorce: When A Woman Decides to Leave


May 28th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

I got an email from a reader who explained that she is going through a divorce, and that the divorce was HER decision. She asked me if I could give her some advice for when a woman decides to leave. In other words, how does one deal with the immense ...

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The Two Hardest Decisions You Will Ever Make


February 22nd, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

Life is full of tough decisions. We are constantly making choices that will affect how we live. Some will have long term affects, some short term, and some don’t really matter that much. But some mean everything. I have always believed that the tw...

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Cheating and Divorce: Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater. Maybe…


February 7th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

Your best friend tells you her boyfriend slept with another woman. A girl you work with (who’s married) confides in you that she’s having an affair with a co-worker. You hear through the grapevine that a friend is getting divorced because her...

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