Divorce Advice for “I Am Angry With God”


October 12th, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

Read this email I got from a newly separated mom, along with my divorce advice for her:   I find myself completely hopeless.  My 3rd husband, for whom I left my 2nd husband just could not handle being a stepfather and hated my ex.  My ex...

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The Long, Painful And Sometimes Unjust Legal Process Of Divorce


October 2nd, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

If you are going through a divorce and feeling frustrated, think about this. OJ Simpson was released from prison yesterday after serving 9 years in a Nevada prison for armed robbery. Yes, his sentence was abnormally long for his crime, but let’s be...

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Divorce Advice For Those Who Want To Be Smart And Inspired


September 20th, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

For the past four and a half years, I’ve offered divorce advice by writing blog posts on my website, Divorced Girl Smiling. The experience has been beyond fulfilling, as I feel I am helping so many men and women who are thinking about divorce, goin...

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Should This Woman Give Up On Her Cheating Husband?


September 5th, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

Read this woman’s email, which tells the story of her cheating husband, their trips to discernment counseling (which is a process where a couple decides if they should try to work things out or get divorced), and some of his remarks.   F...

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Trying To Cope With Divorce? Put On Some Tunes!


September 2nd, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

People cope with divorce in many different ways. There are good coping mechanisms and bad coping mechanisms. One good one for me, not just in divorce but in any stressful or difficult situation has been music. I find that putting on some tunes has ma...

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