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By Jackie Pilossoph, Creator and Editor-in-chief, Divorced Girl Smiling site, podcast and app, Love Essentially columnist and author

I know Divorced Girl Smiling is a divorce website and you’re probably thinking, ‘Why would she write an article about healthy, young looking skin?’ Let me explain…


I’m the kind of person who if I love something, I want to tell everyone I know about it. That is how I came up with the idea to have Divorced Girl Smiling partners, which include Katz & Stefani, Vestor Capital, The Center for Divorce Recovery, Jeremy Woods, Leslie Glazier and The Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois. I 100% stand by these businesses and highly recommend them.


Recently, I discovered Arbonne, a line of skincare products about which I’m wild!! I’m such a fan, in fact, that I decided to become an Independent Consultant for the company (i.e. I’m selling the products). Let me tell you why it will not only give you healthy, young looking skin, but why you need to use it.


While at a networking group meeting several weeks ago, I met a woman who is an Arbonne Independent Consultant, and she made a lot of sense speaking about the ingredients that go into thousands of skincare products in the U.S.


I learned that the FDA only prohibits about a dozen ingredients to cosmetic and skin care manufacturers. What that means is, skincare companies in the U.S. can basically put whatever they want into their products! Even some of the expensive products from department stores have ingredients in them which can be harmful and even toxic to the skin. Now, in Europe, there are 1400 products banned from use (by the European Union) in cosmetics and skincare products. Here is an article that explains the difference between the U.S. and Europe on this issue.



I started to think about it this way. Like me, countless women over 40 (and even younger women) are so focused on nutrition—eating CLEAN and healthy and not putting toxins or other harmful chemicals into our bodies through food. On a side note, I recently gave up sugar for 21-days and cannot tell you what an amazing feeling that is! But while it is wonderful that people have this awareness of the foods we consume, we also need to be aware of what exactly we are putting ON our bodies.


Did you know that our skin is our largest organ? That means that anything we put on our skin is going directly into our bodies. It’s the same (or more) as if we ate something! 


Now, while I felt like I trusted the Arbonne consultant’s presentation, I decided to run the idea of Arbonne by my sister, an MD, who is also certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine. I emailed the product ingredient list for each Arbonne product I was considering buying to my sister for review. Guess what? My sister was thrilled by it, and said the product ingredients were safe and beneficial, in her opinion.


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Here are the products I ordered and have been using:


1. RE9 Advanced Restorative Cream SPF 15
2. RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser
3. RE9 Advanced Brightening Night Cream
4. RE9 Advanced Brightening Eye Cream
5. Shea Butter Body Wash
6. Shea Butter Body Lotion


Not only are they safe and wonderful, they smell great, the texture of each is awesome, AND, they are no more expensive (in fact they are less expensive) than the skincare products I was buying at department stores.


Another benefit (besides healthy young looking skin): ordering is really easy and they ship it right to your home. With Macy’s in my area going out of business, that is going to make it even more difficult to get the skincare products I was using.


Arbonne has been in business since 1980. The skincare products contain botanical ingredients known for specific beneficial properties. There are different collections, which include: anti-aging, brightening, lifting, men’s, acne fighting and sensitive skin. All of the skincare products are formulated without:


* Animal products or animal by-products
* Parabens
* Formaldehyde donating preservatives
* Benzene
* Mineral Oil
* Petrolatum
* Phthalates
* Toluene


There are actually 2000 ingredients on Arbonne’s “Not Allowed” list—so more than the European Union’s list! Additionally, Arbonne skincare products are Gluten free.

People with Celiac disease may have trouble finding skincare/bath & body products and they can feel safe using any of the company’s 450+ products.


I want to make something very clear. I didn’t become an Arbonne Independent Consultant because I want it to become my career. At heart, my mission has been and still is to help men and women facing divorce, dating after divorce, and living life as single parents.  I became a consultant to offer my readers (and friends and community) a better, safer option for skincare—yet another resource to make people’s lives easier and better!


If you are interested in talking with me about Arbonne, send me an email: or go to my Arbonne page and order!


Remember that health and nutrition is an integral part of emotional and mental health. In other words, married, single or divorced, take care of yourself physically. Doing the right things for your body will help you maintain and/or improve your overall quality of life.

Love, Jackie

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