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leslie glazier real estate agent

By Jackie Pilossoph, Creator and Editor-in-chief, Divorced Girl Smiling site, podcast and app, Love Essentially columnist and author

Moving is stressful. I know that because I did it in the summer of 2020. It takes guts, especially after living somewhere for 16 years and feeling like you’re in your comfort zone. Plus, if you’re going through a divorce, with all those changes, the last thing that sounds appealing is moving! Right?

But here’s the thing. I am so so happy I moved, and am very much loving my new place. I sold my home of 16 years and bought a new home (and closed on both and moved the same day!) I want to share my experience and offer a review of the person who made this all happen: Leslie Glazier, my real estate agent.

I was very very comfortable in my old home, but always wished I lived somewhere that was quieter. I also wanted an updated kitchen, so I thought about gutting mine. But then I started looking at homes on the market and that’s when I thought, ‘Maybe it’s time.’

I had lived in my house since my kids were ages 3 and 1. I lived there when I was married. I lived there when the marriage got really really bad. I lived there as a newly separated mom, I lived there while dating, I lived there when I broke my wrist and had surgery, I lived there when I had cancer, and I lived there when I fell in love again. Maybe this was a good time for something new and refreshing.

Other factors in selling: Interest rates were very low, and I got a vibe that young couples in the city might want to move to the suburbs, making me think it might be an ideal time to sell. I thought, ‘I could always put my house on the market and if I don’t like the offers, then just stay.’ In other words, there was no urgency to move. I had nothing to lose.



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Leslie Glazier, a real estate agent with @properties, has been a Divorced Girl Smiling partner since the spring of 2019. During that time, I had gotten to know (and really really like) Leslie and respected her professionally. So, when it came time for me to contact a real estate agent, I called her. I felt like if I was going to recommend Leslie Glazier to the DGS community, then I owed it to them to work with her personally.

Leslie came over and looked at my place. Instantly, she had several staging ideas. A few days later, she came back with a bunch of accessories (that were hers!) and put them around my house. Within a week or so, the place looked so beautiful I was doubting my decision to put it on the market. Then came the pictures. Leslie hired a photographer to come in and take a video and photos to put online. They were gorgeous! (no charge to me by the way.)

In the meantime, we spent a few days looking at some homes, and nothing really seemed right. I did like this one place, and even put in an offer, but something was holding me back. I felt like if I was going to actually go through all of this, I needed to walk in somewhere and know instantly that this was the one.

That happened a couple weeks later (in the place where I live now.) I literally knew the second I walked through it that I LOVED everything about it. It felt perfect, like I wasn’t settling for one thing. So now, I was really motivated to sell my house because I didn’t want anyone else to buy this place.


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I began buying little things to make my house look better, getting little things in my home fixed—things I knew would deter people, like old door knobs, scuff marks on the walls, etc. In the meantime, at least 20 times a day I would do the free mortgage calculator online to figure out how much I could afford, what I could put down, and what my monthly payment would be. Another helpful thing Leslie did was send me a seller’s net sheet disclosing all the costs (it’s an estimate but gives you an idea of what you will actually walk away with). Having the sheet ensures that there will be no surprises. I don’t think most agents send this.

All this time, Leslie and Ali Murphy (who works with Leslie) were showing my place and offering me suggestions on what to change, based on the viewers’ feedback.

I must have called them 5 times a day with different questions and concerns, and each time, they picked up or called me back immediately. I felt like I was working with really really good friends who truly listened to me and cared about me.

Within a month, we got an offer. Keep in mind, it wasn’t a seller’s market yet, meaning had it been now, (winter 2022) it most likely would have sold even sooner.

While deciding if I should take it, I called Leslie that night and in a semi-panic, asked, “What if I accept the offer and can’t make a deal on the new house, and then have nowhere to go? Leslie calmly responded, “It’s all going to work out. I just know it.” Perfect answer, in my opinion. What I didn’t know was that Leslie was building a relationship with my sellers and their agent, not just because that’s the kind of person she is, but because she probably wanted them to feel good about selling to us.

We ended up making an offer and settling, and then came the inspections. So my old house had some issues that my buyer insisted I fix before closing. I had no choice, this is to be expected. Leslie made it so easy for me. She sent me a list of what had to be fixed, with names and numbers of contractors to use. She also has a “preferred vendor app” with all of her most-used tradespeople. Again, I probably called her 5 times a day with questions. She always picked up.

Leslie also connected me with my inspector (for the new home) and she found me my real estate attorney. I had a wonderful experience with both. In fact, shortly after I moved into my new home, I called my inspector, Jeff, and asked if he would spend some time with me to answer questions about the house. He was happy to do it and it was so helpful!

After being in the business for over 15 years, Leslie has established solid relationships with so many professionals, like Jeff, which benefit her clients. All of her connections turned out to be wonderful. She even did little things (when I was selling my home) like ask favors from some of her tradespeople to stop (at no charge) and offer an opinion on something that needed to be fixed. The purpose of this was to help us decide what to agree to fix and what wasn’t urgent or unsafe.

Here’s the thing about Leslie. She has an amazingly positive attitude, which I think is very very important when you are buying and selling real estate. She also has a really nice way about her that makes people want to work with her, i.e. sell to her.

Leslie is also extremely honest, upfront and classy about things. For example, right before my closing, (while I was packing) I noticed a large scratch on a kitchen cabinet. I Facetimed Leslie and asked “What should we do about this?” She talked me into getting it fixed for the new owner. I wasn’t crazy about spending more money, but I realized it was the right thing to do. That’s how Leslie is. She does the right thing, and it pays off.

I truly cannot say enough about what a wonderful experience I had with my real estate agent, Leslie Glazier. I would highly recommend her for a buy or a sell in the city or on the North Shore.

I haven’t even written about her specialty in divorce! Leslie is a Certified Divorce Real Estate Specialist. That means, she has completed extensive training in the issues that come up when a couple is going through a divorce and either selling a home or one person is keeping it. There are countless issues that can arise in a divorce situation that other real estate agents don’t think of because they haven’t done the training. These issues could end up costing you in the future. So for that reason alone, hiring Leslie makes sense. And, she doesn’t charge extra for it.


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All in all, I just want to thank Leslie Glazier and Ali Murphy for making this all happen for me. I feel so lucky that our paths crossed, and am LOVING my new home. To learn more about Leslie, visit her website.

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