Decorating Your Home For the Holidays as a Newly Separated Person

By Tara Lubin, Realtor, Global Real Estate Advisor, Jameson Sotheby's

The holiday season is often portrayed as a time for family gatherings and shared festivities, but what about those who find themselves navigating the season as a newly separated or divorced person? Fear not, because decorating your home for the holidays as a newly separated or divorced person can be an empowering and downright enjoyable experience.

In fact, decorating your home for the holidays is a perfect opportunity to reclaim your space, express your individual style, and even engage in some festive swaps with fellow single and divorced friends. Let’s explore the art of holiday decorating and the unique ways you can make your home sparkle with joy!

Decorating your home for the holidays as a newly separated or divorced person:

1. Reclaiming Your Space.

Now, as a single person, you have the freedom to transform your living space into a winter wonderland that reflects your personal style. Consider this holiday season as a chance to hit the reset button on your decor. Embrace a color scheme that resonates with you, whether it’s traditional red and green or a more contemporary palette. Swap out old decorations for new ones that truly speak to your taste and bring joy to your surroundings.


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2. Starting Fresh.

There’s something liberating about starting anew, and the holidays provide the perfect excuse to do just that. Treat yourself to some new decorations that align with your current style and taste. Whether it’s a trendy tree topper, stylish ornaments, or a cozy throw blanket, incorporating fresh elements can invigorate your space and make the holiday season feel like a fresh beginning.

3. Trading Decorations with Other Singles.

In the spirit of community and shared experiences, consider organizing a holiday decor swap with other single, newly separated or divorced friends and acquaintances. Everyone brings items they no longer need or want, and it becomes a fun and cost-effective way to refresh your holiday decor. You might end up with unique pieces that have a story, adding sentimental value to your festive setup.

4. Expressing Your Individuality.

The holidays are a time to celebrate what makes you unique, and your holiday decor should be no exception. Whether you love minimalist aesthetics or embrace the maximalist approach, let your individuality shine through. Consider crafting your decorations or adding personal touches that tell your story. A DIY wreath or personalized stockings can add a touch of warmth and personality to your space.

5. Creating New Traditions.

Being newly separated or divorced during the holidays is a perfect opportunity to create your own traditions. Establish rituals that bring you joy, whether it’s hosting a festive movie night, baking holiday treats, or simply enjoying a quiet evening with a good book by the fireplace. Your home is your sanctuary, and these traditions can be a source of comfort and joy during the holiday season.

Conclusion: Decorating your home for the holidays as newly separated or divorced person is not just about filling a space; it’s about creating an environment that reflects your journey and celebrates the strength of individuality. So, embrace the opportunity to start fresh, trade decorations with friends, and infuse your space with the joy that comes from expressing your unique style. This holiday season, revel in the empowering experience of making your home a true reflection of you.

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    1. ClareJo

      I love this blog. That’s exactly how I feel this year about my festive decorations. Not last year, or the year before, I needed some familiarity for myself and my children. But absolutely this year, a time for renewal, new life and looking forward. And I’m telling all my friends they have to say how lovely my new front door wreath is 🤣


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