A Love Hate Relationship With Dating After Divorce

dating after divorce


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I have to believe that most people have a love hate relationship with dating after divorce. On one hand, it’s scary as hell, and it can sometimes feel like there are no good men (or women) left out there. On the flip side, dating after divorce can be exciting and heart stopping and really fun! Just remember that you only need one. That’s it! Here is this week’s Love Essentially, in which I offer advice on this subject.


Dating After Divorce Can Be Messy, Complicated–and Fun by Jackie Pilossoph for Chicago Tribune Media Group

Ist’s been almost 10 years and I can still vividly remember how nervous I felt when I went out on that first date after my divorce.


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My rocky marriage had taken so much of my self-confidence, I found it impossible to believe that any man would find me attractive or think I had much to offer. I felt fragile, insecure, vulnerable and really scared.

That said, I do recall there was a tinge of excitement inside me, something that was afraid but also eager to come out and admit the hope I had for a better future and of course, the possibility of falling in love again. Basically, I was a mixed bag of emotions.




So, last week…(Click here to read the rest of the article, published in the Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press)

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