A Great Place To Meet Single People: In The Sky!

By Jackie Pilossoph, Editor-in-chief, Divorced Girl Smiling, Love Essentially columnist and author

I get asked by a lot of men and women, “How do you meet single people?” When I was flying home from a trip last weekend, it hit me. A great way is on a flight! In this week’s Love Essentially, published in the Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press, I write about my interview with two flight attendants who shared what goes on in the friendly skies!  


The Friendly Skies Can Get Pretty Friendly  by Jackie Pilossoph for Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press

The mile-high club is apparently alive and well. That’s one of the things I learned while talking with two flight attendants on my flight home over Memorial Day weekend. In the back of the plane at 35,000 feet (with turbulence that made it a little difficult to type, I might add), I sat down with Joel and Sean, who told me about the love and other romantic behavior they see in the friendly skies.




“This is the kind of job where you think you’ve seen it all, and then you see something new that shocks you,” said Sean, who has been on the job for two years.

From newlyweds to grumpy, married couples to strangers that connect and end up dating, airline travel definitely has its share of drama and romance, which doesn’t surprise me.

A few years ago, I met a man at O’Hare while waiting to board a flight to Florida. We were both going to visit our parents, and talked until we boarded the plane and took our seats. We then talked as we got off the plane, walked to baggage claim and got our bags.

Three days later, as I waited at a Florida gate to go home, guess who showed up? The same guy. We tried to get seats together, but the plane was full. However, when the drink cart stopped at my seat, the flight attendant let me know that “the man in 17F” would like to buy me a drink. I was tickled, and everyone around me was smiling and saying, “Aww …” I never dated the guy, but kept in touch with him for quite awhile.

There are probably millions of stories like mine happening on planes every day. Think about it. You’ve got as many as 150 people or so cramped together with nothing but time and no cellphones allowed. Yes, there are options for occupying your time – a Kindle, the airline magazine, the newspaper, your laptop, a movie, but the right situation and timing, along with a mutual attraction, can lead to a nice conversation, sparks and maybe even love.


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“I have seen people connecting and appear to be hitting it off, but you never really know if it’s one-sided, and if maybe one of the passengers doesn’t really want to be talking,” Joel said.

According to the guys, it is the late-night and international flights when things start to get cozy.

“We offer blankets in first class, and sometimes I suspect something is going on underneath them,” Joel said.

“On larger jets and longer flights, there are less flight attendants around and if it’s late at night, that’s when people try for the mile-high club,” Sean said. “I think it’s the thrill of possibly getting caught. Being sneaky is sexy, or maybe it’s because then they can tell people they did it.”

But as romantic as air travel can be, Joel said it can also cause a tiff.

“Airports are very stressful, and we often see couples get on the plane and you can tell they have been in a fight,” he said. “They tend to take it out on the other passengers, and then you have to figure out how to calm them down. I’ve actually reseated couples and made them sit apart.”

I probably fly once every couple months, and maybe it’s because I’m an outgoing person, but almost every time I’m on a flight, I end up talking to the person seated next to me. I’ve met some of the most interesting people on flights, and have laughed, talked business, flirted, counseled and listened to unforgettable stories.

I find people tend to be more daring and open in what they’ll share on a plane, maybe because they figure you don’t know their name and they’re never going to see you after this flight.

If you think about it, besides an airplane, where else do you really go where you can’t leave, you can’t get up and move, and you can’t use your phone to escape a man or woman conversing with you? So, you’re sort of forced to give someone a chance.

People always tell me they have a hard time meeting single people. My advice…(Click here to read the rest of the article, published in the Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press.)

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