4 Benefits of Using an Alcohol Monitoring System

By Chris Beck, Vice President of Business Development - Family Law at Soberlink

Navigating the complexities of custody and alcohol-related cases in the wake of a divorce can be challenging, especially since child safety is aways a top priority. An alcohol monitoring system can play a crucial role in these scenarios, providing an essential tool to safeguard and improve the well-being of children, as well as empowering both parents.

Here are 4 benefits of using an alcohol monitoring system during and after your divorce:


Benefit #1: Building Trust in Co-Parenting Relationships


Trust is the foundation of any co-parenting relationship. Soberlink fosters this trust by ensuring transparency during custodial time, thus contributing to a more communicative dynamic between parents. The system’s built-in facial recognition and tamper detection technology alleviate concerns about cheating, ensuring the integrity of the monitoring process and each real-time test.


The way system works is simple – the monitored parent will test 2-3 times a day at a scheduled time. During each test, their identity will be confirmed and tampers sensors will ensure they are not using an artificial air souce or sober buddy to cheat the system. Once their BAC is recorded, the test results are sent instantly to everyone on the monitoring agreement, allowing for swift intervention in the event that alcohol is detected.


Soberlink - Protect What Matters Most


Benefit #2: Supporting Legal and Custody Agreements


Alcohol monitoring data can be critical in custody disputes and legal proceedings. Soberlink reports are court-admissible and trusted by thousands of Family Law Professionals. Our unique support team includes Family Law experts who offer certified records, testimony, and a Compliance Department to uphold the integrity of each test.


Benefit #3: Empowering Parents on Both Sides


For parents struggling with alcohol, Soberlink provides a means of accountability and autonomy. Alcohol testing devices, such as the ones Soberlink offers, are also discreet, minimizing test anxiety for the monitored parent. Additionally, the system offers peace of mind to concerned parties through safeguards designed to protect their children.

Soberlink is a reliable way for parents to document their sobriety, helping those who need to maintain custody or disprove false allegations. Underscoring its effectiveness, one monitored client shares, “Soberlink doesn’t lie. If there is a problem, it will make you and the court aware of it, and if there isn’t, it will serve as your greatest asset in a custody situation.”


Benefit #4: Convenient and Reliable Reports


Soberlink’s Advanced Reporting features are a cornerstone of its appeal for busy parents managing custody and alcohol-related issues. These features offer a user-friendly and highly detailed way to track a monitored parent’s progress, providing real-time, comprehensive reports to either review or present to the Court.

Adding to the system’s efficiency, Soberlink results are all presented in an organized and easy-to-understand format. This ensures that all concerned parties, such as the other parent, legal professionals, and family court officials, have immediate and transparent access to the monitoring data, which is crucial for informed decision-making, especially where child safety is involved.




Alcohol monitoring systems like Soberlink offer multiple benefits in custody and alcohol-related cases, particularly in improving child safety and empowering parents. For anyone navigating these complex situations, considering a system like Soberlink can be a significant step towards a safer, more trusting, and harmonious co-parenting experience.

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