How To Spend Less Money During And After A Divorce

how to spend less money

By Jackie Pilossoph, Founder, Divorced Girl Smiling, the place to find trusted, vetted divorce professionals, a podcast, website and mobile app.

I want to offer some advice on how to spend less money during and after a divorce.

Here’s reality: You and your ex are now living in separate homes, which means two rents or mortgages. All the utilities that used to be for one home are now for two. Next are the exorbitant, obscene legal bills that you are receiving every month, and if you are smart, you are now seeing a therapist, which costs more. And let’s not forget medical costs. Maybe you have to go out and get your own insurance, now that you can’t be on your spouse’s plan. And what about the settlement? You now have half of what you had with your ex.


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Feel like jumping off a ledge? Don’t.

Things have a way of working themselves out and they will for you, too. You just have to be strong and make good, responsible decisions. That includes financial decisions.


I can’t really help with the big stuff, but I want to give you some financial advice that might make a difference and help you manage finances a little better during and after divorce.

Here are 8 ways to spend less money during and after divorce:

1. Cut your Starbucks runs to once or twice a week:

Let’s say you spend $4 everyday you get your Starbucks fix. That means you are spending $120 per month just on coffee. If you allow yourself two trips to Starbucks a week, you’re now at $32. That means you are saving $1056 per year! Plus, I find that if I go to Starbucks less often, I appreciate it more and it tastes better.


2. Get rid of some of your cable stations:

Do you really need the whole package, with every single cable channel available? Ladies, are you really watching ESPN Red Zone? Guys, do you really need six different movie channels? Look into a cheaper package. Plus, less TV is good! It will make you watch the news more, read more, and maybe even sleep more! Tip: do not get rid of Showtime or you won’t be able to watch Homeland!!


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3. Stop buying bottled water:

At $2.79 for a bottle of water, you could be spending $55.80 a month if you buy 5 bottles a week (one every day with lunch.) Instead, invest in a glass water bottle (the best ones are at Whole Foods) for $15 and use that!  You are saving $669 per year.


4.    Stop impulse buying:

I have had this rule for years. If I see something I love and it’s over $50, I make myself wait 24 hours before going back to get it. If you do this, most likely you get home and you look in your closet and realize you have something really similar, and that you don’t need it. But when you do go back to get it, you are so appreciative and happy, and you will never have buyer’s remorse. 



 5.    Take advantage of free kindle books:

Did you know there are hundreds of free kindle books available to download every day? Authors (like me) who want to get exposure to their book offer a free day every once in awhile. There are sites you can go to that will list all the free books of the day. If you typically buy two books a month, you will save $239 for the year.


6.    Put $20 in a jar every Friday and put it somewhere where you won’t see it:

Think about it. You go to the cash station and get out $200, so you have all these twenties. You won’t miss one by putting it into a shoebox. Time goes by so fast, that before you know it, a year goes by and you have $1040!!



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 7.    Cut back on manicures:

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about the importance of trying to look the best you can, but I find that a manicure every other week is just as effective as one a week. All you have to do is take off the polish and do a quick filing and your cuticles are good for another week. Plus, it’s nice to have polish off your nails from time to time. Another bonus, you have an extra hour once a week!! The best part, you are saving: $390 for the year!


8. Never go to the grocery store hungry:

Eat before you shop. If you do that, you are less likely to grab things off the shelf like you are shopping for a year. You won’t buy as much junk food either, and I’d be willing to bet your bill is $50 less every time. Over a year period, that is a savings of $2600.


So, adding these ten things up, I just saved you: $5994, and that doesn’t even include getting rid of some of your cable stations or  curbing impulse buying.


The financial part of divorce is probably one of the scariest parts. It’s a time when you really have to be smart and make really responsible decisions. Taking little steps to do what is in your control helps so much more than you think.

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    4 Responses to “How To Spend Less Money During And After A Divorce”

    1. JoAnn

      Hi Jackie,

      I just came upon your blog and find it very insightful. My husband just left me and I am trying to find a way to get through this. I don’t have many friends and I live far away from my family. So not much support for me. My greatest fear is being alone I guess. I have a 17 year old daughter that is oblivious. He is not her father. I am not very strong when it comes to calling or texting him. What would be your advice if any on trying not to contact him?

      • Jackie Pilossoph

        First of all, I”m so sorry you are going through this. I know firsthand how difficult divorce is at the very beginning. Please realize I’m not a therapist, but my advice to you as a friend is, take deep breaths. Let yourself cry and grieve the end of your marriage. Try to do things with your daughter. Tell her you are hurting. Also, you should really consider going to therapy. I think everyone should go at the beginning of a divorce. It will really help you. Also, working out and going to church/temple are two great places to meet friends and do good things for yourself. Hope that helps. Best wishes to you.

      • Sally

        Just revisited this site and was wondering how you were doing . My divorce after 20+ year marriage has been a roller coaster .. Days when I feel so strong and empowered and other days just so darn overwhelmed. Please hang in there and lean in whatever support you can get.. Even online like this. It’s nice to know we aren’t alone and can learn strategies from others who too are in the same boat , we are strong. We can do this. Heck we ARE doing this … Hugs..


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