How to Find Inner Peace and Eliminate Unwanted Anger

how to find inner peace

By Dr. Mort Orman, Internal Medicine Physician, Stress and Anger Elimination Expert

Do you ever feel that unwanted anger is sometimes weighing you down? Do you want to know how to find inner peace but feel like anger is preventing that? Unwanted anger can be a powerful force that can wreak havoc on your relationships, your work, and even your health.

But what if I told you there’s a way out? A way to break free from the grip of anger? A solution for how to find inner peace?

Introducing the revolutionary “3 Hot Dog Secret” to eliminating unwanted anger – a game changer in the realm of emotional wellness.

This is not a gimmick.

It’s a profound insight into how our minds work and how we can reclaim control over our emotions.

Picture this: It’s a beautiful spring day and you’re at a metaphorical outdoor hot dog stand. You order three hot dogs: one plain, one with mustard, and one with mustard and relish.

The vendor accepts your order, takes out three pre-cooked hot dogs, places them in buns, adds the condiments, and then puts all three into a machine.

The machine starts to activate, but you can’t see what the machine is doing.  A few seconds later, the three hot dogs you ordered pop out the back end of the machine.  The vendor puts them in a bag, hands the bag to you, and you pay for them.

You happily go on your way. Remember, it’s a beautiful day, and you find a quiet, relaxing place to sit and get ready to dine on your culinary selections.

To your surprise, however, when you look inside the bag, you find that you only have three half hot dogs in the bag.

You thought you had purchased three whole hot dogs, just as you ordered.  But unbeknownst to you, the machine cut off half of each hot dog, disposed of them, and pushed out just the remaining three halves.  Obviously, you would not be happy when you discover this.

So much for this little fable about hot dogs.

Now, let’s see how your brain makes you angry.

This little story about hot dogs tells you how anger gets created inside your brain and inside your body.

You see, our brains function much like the hot dog machine described above.

Things are happening in the world around us and data is constantly coming into our brains through our eyes, our ears, and other senses.

Lots and lots of data.

There is so much data coming in that our brains can’t handle it all.  So they “cut things out.”  They reduce and simplify things. They filter down all this massive amount of data into easier to manage bite-sized chunks.

In other words, our brains do just what the hot dog machine did to your hot dogs.  Our brains cut out parts of reality (like parts of each whole hot dog) and present you with what is left.

And similar to our hot dog example, you walk away thinking you’ve got three whole hot dogs, only later to find out parts of each hot dog had been removed.

Just as we couldn’t observe what the hot dog machine was doing, we usually can’t detect when our own brains are cutting out or distorting some of the ”facts” of what is happening around us.

This is precisely how anger gets created inside your brain and body.

Things happen in life, and your brain filters down everything you see before your thoughts and perceptions register in your experience.

In your brain, there are three specific filters that produce all of your anger—big anger and small anger.  This is why I call this the  “3 Hot Dog Secret” and not a secret based on just one or two hot dogs.

But here’s the kicker: you’re not stuck with the limited views of reality (half hot dogs) your brain filters down and then presents to you. We often act like we are stuck with them, or believe we are stuck with them, but this is only because we have not been educated properly to understand how our emotions really get created.

But when you finally do understand the three specific internal filters that are causing all your anger, and how they distort reality, you gain the power to break free from the cycle of needless anger and suffering.

No more reacting impulsively or stewing silently. You become the master of your emotions, effortlessly diffusing anger before it consumes (eats) you.

Imagine a life where anger no longer holds sway over your thoughts and actions. Where conflicts dissolve like morning mist, leaving behind only serenity, clarity and inner peace.

This isn’t just a pipe dream. I’ve been teaching people how to do this for over four decades. And you can learn how to do it, too.

How to Find Inner Peace and Eliminate Unwanted Anger

Until recently, the only way to gain this knowledge was to work with me in a one-on-one coaching program that costs thousands of dollars.

But I just released a new book where I reveal all of my secrets to help people eliminate unwanted anger, find inner peace, and live happy, healthy, and peaceful lives.


New book from Dr. Mort Orman

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Mort Orman
Dr. Mort Orman, Internal Medicine Physician, Stress and Anger Elimination Expert

Dr. Mort Orman, M.D. is an Internal Medicine physician and a leading stress and anger elimination expert. He has written 23 books on eliminating anger and stress, and he has 40 years of clinical success teaching people how to live, love and work stress free. Dr. Orman has conducted hundreds of anger and stress elimination workshops for business owners, corporate executives, doctors, nurses, other professionals and even the F.B.I. He is creator of The Ultimate Stress Relief System and the “Angry No More” 10-session anger elimination program. He has also been the official sponsor of National Stress Awareness Month every April in the U.S. since 1992. If you are interested in getting rid of your anger problems and removing all the potential harm anger can do to your health, your family, your business, and your life, email Dr. Orman at: for a consultation.

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