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By Jackie Pilossoph, Divorced Girl Smiling Editor-in-Chief

I recently had an opportunity to tell my story on Megyn Kelly TODAY! What a thrill that was! Although a little scary to put myself out there and be vulnerable in front of America, (there’s a big difference between writing it on a computer and verbalizing it on national TV!) but it felt good because I was reaching (and hopefully helping) countless people who have faced a similar situation.

Check out the segment below where I talk about getting back into dating after divorce.




“Dating after divorce is terrifying for anyone. At least it was for me…” I say in the segment. I then talk about dates that went from bad to worse. We’ve all been there!


I ended up writing an article for the Today show website, offering dating tips for those going back in the saddle after divorce. Click here to read it!

I will say this. Dating after divorce can seem hopeless–swiping left again and again, and when you do swipe right, going out with people who turn out to be nightmares. But remember, you only need that one guy (or girl) So, the search and the frogs and the nightmares turn out to be worth it when you meet him (or her.)


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I wish you all the best!


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