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By Jackie Pilossoph, Divorced Girl Smiling Editor-in-Chief

For the past four and a half years, I’ve offered divorce advice by writing blog posts on my website, Divorced Girl Smiling. The experience has been beyond fulfilling, as I feel I am helping so many men and women who are thinking about divorce, going through one, or dating after divorce.


I recently realized that the next step for Divorced Girl Smiling is a podcast. With a different guest every week, my readers will now be able to hear me give divorce advice versus me writing it.


The Divorced Girl Smiling podcast is lighthearted and funny, at times, but it is truly about giving non-sugar coated advice to continue my mission of helping others during such a difficult time in their lives.




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I taped the pilot episode a couple of days ago, and called it “Be Smart And Be Inspired.” The title came from my first guest, Lisa Kaplin, a psychologist and life coach, who is the founder of her practice, “Smart Women Inspired Lives.”


In the podcast, Kaplin and I talk about some of the things her clients say when they come to her. Some are thinking of getting divorced, some got blindsided by their spouse telling them they wanted a divorce, some are stuck in a marriage rut, and some are trying to navigate the nightmare-ish dating scene over 40 and over 50!


Kaplin offers advice, I offer advice (of course), and I also read a couple reader emails and respond.


I hope you enjoy The Divorced Girl Smiling Podcast, and please email me if there is a question you’d like answered or need some advice on something! My email address: jackie@divorcedgirlsmiling.com.


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