Hiring a Mediator? 5 Qualities to Look For


August 26th, 2023 . Brian James

Overwhelming, intimidating and emotionally challenging are some of the emotions that go hand-in-hand with divorce. Separating assets, deciding on a parenting plan, and figuring out your living situation adds to stress and fear. Some people call a div...

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Separated But Living In The Same House…And Sleeping In The Same Bed


August 18th, 2023 . Jackie Pilossoph

 When a couple decides to separate, there are so many factors involved in what comes next. There are couples in which one person decides to move out immediately. There are couples who sell the house and both find new residences. And, there are coupl...

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How to Ask Forgiveness from Someone You’ve Hurt


June 27th, 2023 . Erik Feig

How do you ask for forgiveness from someone you've hurt?    Something I see happen in many of my mediation sessions is one person attempting to apologize to the other. But there are many kinds of apologies. For instance, one type of apolo...

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Falling in Love With Someone Else When You’re Married


June 14th, 2023 . Jackie Pilossoph

Is falling in love with someone else when you're married possible? What I mean is, I've heard many people say that they fell in love with someone else while married, and I just don't know if they really fell in love, or if they were just unhappy in t...

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11 Things People Say To Justify Staying In An Unhappy Marriage


May 17th, 2023 . Jackie Pilossoph

Although every marriage and situation is unique, I think many people stay in their marriages because it seems like the best option. Maybe they weighed out the pluses and minuses of splitting up, and then determined that staying--even though they are ...

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