Parental Alienation Against a Mother or a Father


May 19th, 2022 . Tiffany M. Hughes

Does the other parent of your child go out of their way to limit your time with your child? Does the other parent speak poorly about you in front of your child? Does the other parent refuse to share important information or major updates with you abo...

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Co-parenting and COVID: a Divorce Attorney’s Advice


January 25th, 2022 . Tiffany M. Hughes

Co-parenting isn’t always easy; especially at the beginning of a divorce. But add COVID into the mix, and co-parenting just got even more challenging. Since the pandemic began, I have seen parents make countless mistakes surrounding co-parenting an...

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Same-sex Divorce in Illinois Has Its Challenges


July 30th, 2021 . Tiffany M. Hughes

Since 2014, same-sex marriage has been legal in the United States. This means that the legal process for divorce is the same for LGBTQ couples as it is for everybody. Although the legal process is the same, there can often be challenges in a same-sex...

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10 Big Divorce Mistakes You Really Don’t Want to Make


July 13th, 2020 . Tiffany M. Hughes

During my entire career of being a divorce attorney, I’ve seen a lot when it comes to my clients. I’ve seen emotion that breaks my heart, kind gestures between parties that is inspiring, and yes, even love and friendship between a couple getting ...

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Preparing For Divorce? Here is Your Checklist


May 18th, 2020 . Tiffany M. Hughes

In the wake of the coronavirus, China saw a massive surge in the number of divorce cases filed. So, will the same thing happen in the U.S.? Will the divorce rate spike after couples have spent months quarantined together, having had the chance to ref...

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