‘I’m Tired of Being a Wimp’ Says Woman Thinking Of Separating


April 4th, 2016 . Jackie Pilossoph

I'm currently 32, and married about 10 years.  Over the past three years my stepdaughter has lived with us full time. She's now 12. She has turned into his daughter/wife and totally disrespects me. When I talk with him about it he condemns me and se...

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11 Things People Say To Justify Staying In An Unhappy Marriage


November 8th, 2015 . Jackie Pilossoph

Based on reader comments and emails, I get a sense that a big demographic of Divorced Girl Smiling are men and women staying in an unhappy marriage, all with different reasons for staying.   Although every marriage and situation are unique...

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Getting Divorced? Chances are, it’s Not Lack of Love, It’s Lack of “Like”


July 15th, 2014 . Jackie Pilossoph

When a man or woman is getting divorced, often times, people will say, “Oh, I’m so sorry,” and ask, “What happened?” A common response: “We fell out of love.” Hmm…The person who asked isn’t going to pursue that response with a fo...

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