11 Questions To Ask When Hiring a Real Estate Agent During Your Divorce


May 15th, 2020 . Leslie Glazier

Several years ago, when I was going through my divorce, my heart was broken. My ending marriage felt like  the loss of a dream.  It was the most painful emotion I had ever experienced. But what made the divorce even harder was the fact that I not o...

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How To Sell A House After Divorce: Avoid These 5 Mistakes


March 1st, 2020 . Leslie Glazier

Selling one’s family home is a highly stressful and emotional process for divorcing couples. These feelings are understandable since the home is two things: a valuable asset and a place filled with memories, family, and security. People often ask m...

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Do I Have To Sell My House In a Divorce? Here’s What You Need To Know


December 13th, 2019 . Leslie Glazier

When it comes to divorce, very few things are simple and straightforward. Your home is no exception. But what's so hard about making decisions in regards to your home, is that it's not just the financial aspect that's important. Your home can have em...

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What Happens To The House In Divorce? Consider These 4 Things


October 22nd, 2019 . Jackie Pilossoph

"What happens to the house in divorce?" is a question asked by most couples facing divorce. Leslie Glazier, Real Estate Agent, @properties and Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert has answers in her guest post. Can I Keep the House? How Divorce Imp...

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Getting Divorced Over 50? 7 Things You Can’t Ignore


July 19th, 2019 . Karen Covy

Divorce at any age is rough. But if you're getting divorced over 50 (which is also known as a “gray divorce”) there are some issues that can arise that don't happen with divorce at a younger age. Here are 7 things you can't ignore and MUST Under...

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