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Child Support Definition and What You Should Know

child support definition

By Bonnie Rabinovitch-Mantel, CFLS, Divorce Attorney, Managing Partner, Primus Family Law Group

Child support definition: Child support is a critical aspect of family law, designed to ensure the well-being and financial stability of children after the separation or divorce of their parents. In San Diego, child support laws can be complex and vary depending on each family’s unique circumstances. Much of this article will focus on child support in San Diego, but it is applicable to all states. Just know that divorce and child support laws are unique to every state.

Understanding Child Support in San Diego

Child support is intended to cover a child’s basic needs, including housing, food, clothing, education, and healthcare. In California, child support is calculated based on the state’s guidelines, which consider factors such as the parents’ income, the number of children, and time-sharing arrangements.

Your attorney plays a crucial role in helping parents navigate the complexities of child support. They can help you understand your rights and responsibilities in this process.

Enforcement and Modifications of child support

If your ex-partner fails to meet their child support obligations or you need to modify the existing order due to changes in your life, an attorney can take steps to obtain the payment and any back payments.

Negotiation and Mediation: Your attorney can represent you during negotiations or mediation sessions to ensure that the child support agreement is fair and in your child’s best interests.

Child support-the bottom line:

Protection of Your Child’s Interests is the biggest priority when it comes to child support.  Your attorney can handle all the legal paperwork and procedures, saving you time and stress. Their in-depth knowledge of child support laws in California allows them to provide valuable advice.

If the other parent is not meeting their obligations, your attorney can take legal action to enforce the order. And lastly,  Life circumstances change. Your attorney can help you navigate modifications when necessary.


Choosing the Right Child Attorney

When looking for a attorney, consider the following:

Experience: Look for an attorney with a proven track record in handling child support cases.

Communication Skills: Effective communication is key in family law. Choose an attorney who can clearly explain your options.

Compassion: Child support cases can be emotionally charged. An attorney who offers empathy and support can make a difference.

Local Knowledge: Understanding the local legal landscape and judges can be a significant advantage.

Navigating child support in San Diego can be complicated, but it’s essential to ensure that your child receives the financial support they need. Your attorney is a valuable ally in this process. They provide legal expertise, tailored solutions, and a commitment to your child’s best interests.


Bonnie Mantel
Bonnie Mantel, Attorney, Founder and Managing Partner, Primus Law Group


Bonnie Rabinovitch-Mantel, CFLS, is a divorce attorney, and Founder and Managing partner at Primus Family Law Group. Bonnie is a multifaceted dynamo with many talents that make her truly an asset to her clients. She is a passionate and aggressive attorney who has handled many complex matters for her clients.

Bonnie was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, where she graduated from McGill University Law School with Honors, Distinction, and two law degrees. Bonnie was published twice in a prominent Canadian Law Journal. Aside from her numerous distinctions, Bonnie has two business degrees, in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, which she also received from McGill University in Montreal. Bonnie’s passion has always been the law since 2006 as an attorney in Family Law. Bonnie is fluent in two languages, but, can speak four. Her depth of experience and educational background makes her uniquely qualified for her work in Family Law and able to handle the most complex of cases.

Bonnie brings a humorous approach to even the toughest situations, and, her clients love her dedication and personal attention. When Bonnie is not at work, she enjoys hiking, working out, and spending time with her family. Bonnie has been married for 19 years and she has three wonderful children who are her pride and joy and the main reasons she brings such passion to her career.

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