Everything My Partner Does Irritates Me. Of Course it Does!


August 15th, 2014 . Jackie Pilossoph

Questions from a reader who says, "Everything my partner does irritates me:" Jackie, Why, when people are in a serious relationship, do they sometimes irritate one another to the point where they don’t even want to talk? Is getting annoyed with you...

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One Big Reason Why Marriages Fail


July 28th, 2014 . Jackie Pilossoph

In my Love Essentially column that was published in Sun-Times Media on July 17th, titled, “21 tips I wish I could have shared with my 21 year-old self,” #14 was: If you don’t like yourself, your relationship will suffer.” I felt like #14 dese...

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Saying These 10 Things Will Surely Start An Argument With Your Spouse


June 19th, 2014 . Jackie Pilossoph

  Everyone argues. Let's be honest. Even the happiest couples fight. But there are certain things you can say that are sure to start an argument with your spouse. Saying the wrong thing could make the difference between a minor disagreement a...

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10 Secrets to a Happy Marriage, Coming From a Divorced Woman!


June 5th, 2014 . Jackie Pilossoph

I feel kind of funny offering marital advice since I am divorced. That said, who better to offer marital advice, specifically secrets to a happy marriage, than a divorced person? We know! We've made our mistakes. We can tell you what NOT to do to be ...

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Married Guy Gives Successful Marriage Tips to Divorced Girl


February 26th, 2014 . Jackie Pilossoph

Divorced Girl Smiling can give endless tips and advice and opinions on being newly separated, dating, the divorce process, co-parenting, dealing with the ex and life after divorce. What I really don’t have the authority to tell you is how to have a...

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