I Wanted the Divorce so Why am I So Sad?


December 1st, 2022 . Ellen Feldman

For the past 15 years of being a divorce mediator, I’ve seen countless scenarios of divorce. Every single case is unique. That said, there is one thing I find almost always in couples: sadness. Whether you were totally blindsided by your spouse’s...

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Mediation Tips and 4 Things NOT to Say During Mediation


August 18th, 2022 . Ellen Feldman

When couples go into divorce mediation, most of the time they have the best intentions, meaning they want the process to work. Unfortunately, some people make statements during mediation sessions that end up undermining the process, to the point wher...

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How to Convince Your Spouse to Divorce with Mediation


May 24th, 2022 . Ellen Feldman

My co-mediation partner and I get weekly calls from prospective clients asking about mediation. “How do I tell my spouse I want to divorce?”  “We are friendly and do not want attorneys involved…” “We both love our children,” “This ha...

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Co-mediation: What is It and What Are the Benefits?


December 15th, 2021 . Ellen Feldman

When I speak to potential clients, they have lots of questions. One in particular involves co-mediation; what is it and how does it make our practice unique? Having been part of the co-mediation practice, CEL & Associates, (with my business partn...

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How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation, Emotionally and Practically


November 5th, 2021 . Ellen Feldman

Divorce mediation is a way to divorce in a more amicable and peaceful way versus litigating with attorneys and a judge making decisions for you. But how to prepare for divorce mediation is a question my partner Brian James and I are often asked. We w...

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