Filing for Divorce? What Women Need To Know Beforehand


July 15th, 2021 . Anna Krolikowska

More than half of the prospective clients who call me are women.  Women tend to initiate divorce proceedings--including filing for divorce, more than men. Some women, however, may not be completely prepared for the divorce process. During the fir...

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How to Help Children Through Divorce: 6 Best Practices


April 8th, 2021 . Anna Krolikowska

Divorce is a trying experience for adults.  With children, divorce can be devastating if it is not handled well by the parents.  Couples pursuing the dissolution of their marriage always want to know how to help children through divorce. From my pe...

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10 Reasons The Mediation Process is a Great Option In Divorce


August 9th, 2020 . Anna Krolikowska

Control.  Sometimes we feel we are in control of a situation.  Sometimes we feel as though we don’t have as much control over a situation.  My clients frequently tell me they feel their lives start to go out of control when they are separating a...

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Helpful Books For People Contemplating Divorce


February 22nd, 2019 . Anna Krolikowska

Are you contemplating divorce? As a divorce attorney, I consult with many people who are in this situation. Frequently, I am asked to suggest books to help them with both their decision on whether or not to get divorce, and in the divorce process. ...

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