Patricia Van Haren, Divorce Attorney, Irvine, CA

Meet Patricia Van Haren, Divorce Attorney, Irvine, CA

Patricia Van Haren
Divorce Attorney, Irvine, CA


I am so pleased to have Patricia on the DGS team. Patricia has been a divorce attorney for 11 years, but what I love so much about her, and what I think makes her so special is that she was a paralegal (working for a divorce law firm) for 20 years before she became a divorce attorney. Patricia is also divorced and raised her children as a single parent, so she has the empathy and compassion that I think are such important qualities in a divorce attorney. Patricia’s focus is on mediation and collaborative divorce; even in high conflict divorce cases. The California based attorney also wrote a book you might want to check out, called “How to File and Survive a Divorce in California.” To learn more about her or to consult with her, visit her website.


Patricia’s Bio:

Family Law Attorney, Patricia C. Van Haren has been a practicing attorney since 2011. Prior to attending law school, Patricia was a family law paralegal for approximately 20 years. In that time she acted as a Paralegal for several attorneys. For several years before becoming an attorney, she assisted couples through uncontested divorces as a paralegal and document preparation assistance. After establishing her own practice, she used all of her skills and knowledge to develop her family law, estate planning and wealth management practice.

Ms. Van Haren raised her three children as a single mother while working and attending law school at nights and on weekends. As a single parent and a person who has gone through a Divorce in her past, Ms. Van Haren understands how the divorce process can impact the future of the family. Ms. Van Haren believes that where possible issues can be settled outside of the Courtroom even in the most contentious cases. She works with her clients to advocate for them and to be able to strategize and choose which issues are appropriate for litigation and which issues are appropriate for settlement. Ms. Van Haren handles divorces, paternity and custody matters, guardianship, and conservatorship matters through mediation and collaborative law. She has offices in Torrance and Irvine and handles cases throughout Southern, Central Los Angeles County and all of Orange County. To learn more, visit her website.

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1. Patricia truly is a one of a kind attorney. I never encountered a problem and always felt comfortable with her…even in court where it is the most uncomfortable place! I recommend Patricia to anyone seeking legal action. She is the best choice!  – Sarah P.


2. From our first telephone conversation, I knew I was in good hands. The stress went away and I was able to concentrate on work and get some sleep after several weeks of worry and no sleep.


3. If you want an attorney who is always at your side, who always has your best interest at hand, and who will always lead you to what is best for you, then look no further.


4. She fought hard for me in court and helped me get a good settlement. She was professional and firm when she needed to be. —Andrea D.


5. Legal issues are complex and her understanding of her area of law is impressive. Trust that when you go to Ms. Van Haren, you will be going to an honest and caring attorney who will not mislead you.

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