Jenny Stevens, LCPC, Chicago based Divorce Coach and Therapist

Meet Jenny Stevens, LCPC, Divorce Coach and Therapist, Create Change Consultants

Jenny Stevens, LCPC, Divorce Coach and Therapist


The first meeting I ever had with Jenny was at my kitchen table. We have many mutual friends and professional acquaintances who suggested we meet, so I invited her over (as opposed to meeting at a Starbucks) because I was so comfortable even before we met.

Jenny has a wonderful positive energy to her, and is beyond down to earth. But, she’s also extremely intelligent and experienced. The combination is in my opinion perfect for someone who is a divorce coach. Having personally gone through a divorce, Jenny can relate as she helps her clients create a life they really want and love. What makes her even more special, is that she is also a therapist, so clients can get the benefit of shifting into that mode, if needed, at times.

I am so proud to call Jenny a Divorced Girl Smiling partner and friend, and I would highly recommend her!

Jenny’s Bio:

Jenny Stevens, LCPC is a Divorce Coach and Therapist, who helps men and women navigate their lives pre, during and post divorce. With a masters degree in professional counseling and 15 years experience working as a therapist, Stevens personally went through a divorce and founded her company, Create Change Consultants during COVID; a time she felt many people were re-evaluating their lives and needed help designing a life they wanted and deserved. 

Stevens brings a warm, inviting and unique style to interactions with her clients. She cares deeply about helping others and supporting her clients to make the changes that they have always wanted, but weren’t equipped with the right tools to make those changes. She lives in Chicago with her two daughters and her dog, and loves spending time with her family and friends, combining exercise and meditation to keep her balanced. Learn more on her website.

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Jenny worked with me for months when I was going through a big life change. She helped me to navigate through the absolutely unbearable emotional experience I had to endure while maintaining my career ambitions and role as a single mother to my two children. Jenny helped me to balance the day-to-day highs and lows I experienced while ensuring that I was happy and enjoying life the entire time. Stephanie, vice president of retail company


Jenny has been my rock during this very challenging time of divorce, a true lifesaver!  She is an invaluable resource – extremely level headed, rational and compassionate. Jenny always makes herself available during my times of need and knows how to be supportive. She has carried me and helped me navigate through complexities and issues big and small. I’d highly recommend working with her, she’s an amazing partner and source of strength! Jenny B., sales associate and mother


Jenny has been a gift to our family! She has been working with my high school son and he is responding well to their sessions. He expresses to me that he loves their meetings and says he feels heard and understood. Jenny has communicated with both me and his dad in the most professional, yet approachable, manner. Working with Jenny has been a fantastic experience for all of us.  Courtney, small business owner

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