Denise Fitzpatrick, Marriage and Relationship Coach

Are you on the brink of divorce? Or thinking about divorce, but would consider trying to save your marriage? If so…

Meet Denise Fitzpatrick, Marriage and Relationship Coach


LMHC, M.A., Marriage and Relationship Coach

Many people visit Divorced Girl Smiling and read our articles because they think they want a divorce but they’re just not sure. You might be reading articles on the site or listening to theDGS podcast and thinking, “I don’t want to go through a divorce! My husband (or wife) isn’t that bad! I used to love him/her. Maybe I can save my marriage.”

While DGS is a wonderful site offering support for those going through a divorce, I am a HUGE fan of marriage–if it’s with the right person and if you are happy and with him/her for the right reasons. And, I root for any couple to try to save their marriage, if possible.

That’s why I was delighted to meet Denise Fitzpatrick, a marriage and family coach who has dedicated her career to helping couples–even those on the brink of divorce, save their marriage and completely restructure their partnership so that both are happy and healthy together.


Consider saving your marriage


Denise offers packages for couples, as well as for individuals who want to work on the marriage by themselves. Yes, that’s a thing! Here’s how I feel about working with Denise. She could either change your marriage and your life for the better, OR, you could end up divorced, but at least you will know you tried your best to save it.

Denise is very different from a couples therapist. Versus talking things out and learning how to communicate better (although she does do some of that in her sessions,) Denise’s program offers practical solutions to rekindling and reshaping the marriage with thoughtfulness, trust, respect and kindness.  No rehashing, no walking on eggshells, just work to get to the root of why your marriage broke down.

If you think there’s still a chance to avoid divorce, I would highly recommend scheduling a consult with Denise!


Jackie Pilossoph, Creator and Editor-in-chief, Divorced Girl Smiling


Denise Fitzpatrick Marriange & Relationship Coach


Denise’s Bio:

Denise Fitzpatrick, LMHC, M.A. is a marriage and relationship coach for couples and individuals. With more than 20 years experience as a therapist–10 years specializing in marriage and relationship coaching, Denise is the founder and of My Marriage Works, which is dedicated to helping couples save their marriages and/or have better marriages.

Whether it’s couples and individual coaching, working with Denise will teach you how to get to the real issues, empower yourself, manage your reaction and understand your partner’s perspective. Her goal is to transform your marriage into a thriving and healthy partnership. Learn more on her website. or schedule a free consultation here.


Before working with Denise we were not able to communicate effectively. We were so focused on what the other partner was doing wrong that we struggled to see our own negative behaviors and to see the positive behaviors of the other partner. We constantly argued in a non-productive manner.

After working with Denise we are now able to focus more on the other partner’s positive traits and behaviors and to better see our own negative behaviors that negatively impact the relationship. We are able to speak freely together and enjoy our time together consistently.

Denise did an amazing job at helping us to reflect back on ourselves and focus on the bigger picture regarding negative behaviors in the relationship, instead of getting bogged down in specific, trivial, day-to-day disagreements.

– Jake

We met Denise when searching for a “therapist” to assist us with issues in our marriage. I was hurt, angry, confused, unsure, anxious and afraid. I thought I was on the verge of divorce. Could we overcome these issues? Could I overcome these issues?

Today, together and separately we have grown individually and in our marriage as a result of our time spent with Denise. One of the BEST things that I learned was I really had the power to take charge of my thinking and more importantly my reactions.

Communication is much easier now. Less confrontational, more sharing of thoughts, feelings, ideas and solutions.I have learned I am stronger than I thought.. I’ve learned so much about myself and how I communicate.

Our marriage is stronger, healthier, imperfect and a work in progress. Working with Denise likely saved our relationship. Both my husband and I are grateful and so happy we invested in us . We have each referred Denise to clients and friends.

– jmd

Before working with Denise we were more or less doing life together but not connected. We struggled to communicate effectively and work together on most home situations. If we disagreed it turned into frustration, resentment, and disconnectedness instead of being able to work together.

It was impacting our home life, parenting, intimacy, and connectedness. Since working with Denise we have a vastly different way of communicating with each other now. We’re both trying harder to see things from each others perspective and understanding our communication styles better.

I feel we are still challenged with issues from time to time but the impact of a disagreement is very minimal now as opposed to prior to counseling.

The most significant improvements in our relationship is better communication. We are working together more on getting things done around the house. We have made time more consistently to spend time one on one and strengthen our bond as a couple.

– Liz

“My Marriage is going to end”

Those were the words my client said to me when we first started working together. After just 3 months, during their final session, she was brought to tears because her and her husband were closer than ever.

– Cindy

Before working with Denise I was really unhappy with my marriage. We argued about the same things. I felt unappreciated and frustrated. Divorce was definitely an option I was considering. Working with Denise has changed my life.

I was hesitant at first because I didn’t completely believe that doing this work alone would change my marriage. But it did. And I’m so glad I did this work.

After working with Denise for 2 months…. I am falling back in love with my husband. We are working as a team, communicating better and having more sex!

– Megan

Working with Denise has been LIFE CHANGING! A completely different approach than traditional therapy. You will actually get results, and not continue to talk in circles then leave the session with no progress. Denise is an expert in her field, and is extremely kind and patient. She can get to the root of an issue and offer a different perspective and great insight, with real tools and solutions. Thank you Denise!

– Lydia

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