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The Divorced Girl Directory:

Divorced Girl Directory: A list of professionals and businesses to help you during and after your divorce


When men and women are thinking about divorce, going through one or are already divorced, among the many difficulties they face is the need to make changes to some of the professionals and businesses with whom they deal.


Maybe your financial planner is a college friend of your ex-husband’s and you no longer feel comfortable in the relationship.  Maybe you need a fresh start when it comes to seeing a therapist. Maybe your divorce decree requires a new will and trust, and you need to hire an attorney who isn’t your ex-wife’s mother’s best friend. Or, maybe you are considering selling your diamond engagement ring and using the proceeds for that long-awaited trip to Italy.


The Divorced Girl Directory is a place you can come to find a list of professionals and business that might be a great fit for a product or service you need.


Although it is important to remember that these listings are paid listings, the Directory is a good alternative to doing a blind Google search. I have personally done business with some of these companies,  and/or know someone who has. Additionally, the listings include reviews, which helps when it comes to trust and comfort in doing business with someone.  Lastly, there is a philanthropic component to the Divorced Girl Directory. A portion of what each advertiser pays for a listing is donated to WINGS, a Chicago based organization that offers shelter, housing, financial support, counseling and planning for victims of domestic violence.


I encourage you to browse the Directory, and if you do call a professional or a business from this list, mention that you got their name from Divorced Girl Smiling or Divorced Girl Directory!


There’s no denying that change can feel scary. Working with and putting your trust in someone new can be stressful. But, if you’re willing keep an open mind and try to view change not only as a fresh start, but as an opportunity for something that might turn out spectacular, you could be surprised in a really good way!

Best wishes,

Jackie Pilossoph, Creator and Editor-In-Chief, Divorced Girl Smiling  

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