Looking for divorce support groups online?

If you’re looking for divorce support groups online, Divorced Girl Smiling would love for you to join ours-the Divorced Girl Smiling Group: a Facebook group page where you can go to vent, ask questions, give advice and get advice from other members on divorce, dating, health and wellness, and being a single parent. For example:

*My spouse recently told me he/she is leaving me.

*I’m going through a divorce and I’m scared.

*Divorce anger is something I can’t let go of.

*I’m worried about my kids during my divorce.

*Dating after my divorce scares me.

*I feel lonely and sad since my divorce.

*I don’t know how to go back to work.

*My ex just got engaged.

*My ex is angry and won’t co-parent with me.

*The divorce process is intimidating.

*I don’t know how to date after divorce.

*Meeting someone seems impossible and scary.

*I’m in my first post-divorce romantic relationship.

divorce support groups online

We consider ourselves one of the most genuine divorce support groups online. Tell us your story. Explain your fears. Tell us what would make you happy. People going through what you are, along with me (or course) and other professionals, can weigh in, support you, encourage you, and inspire you!

divorce support groups online

The Divorced Girl Smiling Group is like going to a divorce support group where you can feel less alone and less worried, and instead feel connected to others and inspired by them!

Click here to join our divorce support group online now!

With love,

Jackie Pilossoph
Jackie Pilossoph
Creator and Editor-in-chief, Divorced Girl Smiling


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