The DGS Club

Divorce can feel isolating and lonely. That’s why you should…


The DGS Club - Divorce and dating support groups for women who want to vent, support one another, feel connected, be inspired and of course, smile.


Having a safe place to go, where you can feel supported, connected, inspired, heard, and understood is so important for your emotional health. That’s why I created the Divorced Girl Smiling Club, where members can attend weekly divorce and dating support groups to help get you through these tough times.


Each support group will have the same people in it every week (for 4 weeks), so you can get to know one another and develop a sense of comfort and a connection. The groups are capped at 8 members in order to maintain an intimate gathering. After 4 weeks, if the group wants to continue for another 4 weeks, we can certainly do that.


I think it’s important to mention two things:

1. The DGS club is for women at ANY stage of divorce, meaning thinking about divorce, newly separated, during divorce, and after divorce.

2. Everything shared in the DGS club is confidential, and there must be a commitment on the part of every group member to maintain this confidentiality.

What goes on during the one-hour zoom meetings?




First off, group members are welcome to have a cup of tea or a glass of wine during each session. After all, that’s what women do. We drink tea, coffee or wine and we talk! I want this club to feel like a real girl’s night out.


The first 30 minutes of each meeting involves each group member sharing anything divorce or dating related that might be on your mind. No one is required to share, by the way, so if you just want to listen, that works, too. After the sharing, we will discuss a different topic each week, and everyone can share their thoughts, and offer others suggestions and/or advice.


 Topics include:


* The different divorce processes.
* Kids and Co-parenting.
* Fear, sadness, anger and other painful divorce emotions.
* Finances and the house.
* Dating and love after divorce.



I attend and moderate every session, and each meeting will include a divorce professional in attendance to chime in with professional advice on the topic. The divorce professionals might include: an attorney, divorce coach, dating coach, therapist, real estate agent, financial planner, mortgage banker, and more.


The DGS club meetings always end on a positive note, which includes something inspiring to think about.



What’s the cost of the DGS club?



It’s $100 for four weeks. That’s $25 per meeting—way less than a therapy or coaching session, or an extra 10 minutes talking to your divorce attorney! While I can’t offer refunds, if for some reason you can’t make a meeting, let me know and we can arrange a 15-minute one-on-one meeting with me as a makeup. Meetings will not be recorded, in order to adhere to confidentiality.

February groups start:

Mondays at 12 CST (Feb. 13, Feb. 20, Feb. 27, March 6)

Thursdays at 7pm CST (Feb. 16th, Feb. 23, March 2, March 9)

The Dating Only Group is Wednesdays at 12 CST (Feb. 15, Feb. 22nd, March 1, March 8)


I truly wish something like the DGS club would have been around when I was getting divorced! There’s nothing like other women to lift you up when you need it most!


We would love to have you in the club!


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