Second Marriages: Those who Rush in and Those Who Resist


July 21st, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

There is no way to generalize how divorced people feel when it comes to the decision to remarry. Every divorced person feels differently about second marriages. I’ve met countless divorced people on both ends of the spectrum and in between: the ...

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Six Divorce Stories That Will Make you Laugh And Cry


April 19th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

Being in this business for almost 7 years, I have heard my share of  divorce stories. Most of them make me want to cry, or they make me angry, or scared for someone, or just depressed. Some divorce stories are shocking or horrifying. There are rare ...

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Divorced People Smiling


March 3rd, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

It was a typical cold, wintry, Thursday night in the burbs of Chicago. Snow was on the ground, the wind was bone chilling, and most people were in their homes, snuggled up watching Grey’s Anatomy, Parks and Recreation, or the first two seasons of H...

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“I Do” ing It Again: Why Rushing Into A Second Marriage Might Be A Bad Idea


February 7th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

                A couple of years ago, my friend “Lexie” met this guy named “Pete” who was recently divorced with a couple of young kids. They went out on about three dates, and Lexie decided it wasn’t right, so she ended it....

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