Relationship Advice: When The Past Doesn’t Stay In The Past


September 6th, 2016 . Jackie Pilossoph

An email I got from a woman seeking relationship advice and even thinking of separating because her husband cannot handle what happened in her past:     I have been with my husband since the age of 18 and we have been married for a...

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The Olympics of Love: Tips On Making Sure Your Relationship Wins a Gold Medal


August 12th, 2016 . Jackie Pilossoph

Watching the Olympics has certainly been motivating for me, so much so that all those golds that Phelps has been winning inspired me to write this week's Love Essentially!   When it Comes To Your Relationship, Think Like An Olympic Champio...

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When He Wants Sex All The Time And She Doesn’t


July 9th, 2016 . Jackie Pilossoph

This week's Love Essentially column focuses on the scenario where he wants sex all the time and she doesn't, along with advice on how to work through these issues and get on the same page in the bedroom.   Sex: What He Wants And What She's...

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Relationship Advice: The One Thing You Can’t Give Your Spouse


July 6th, 2016 . Jackie Pilossoph

Relationship advice:You can shower your spouse with love. You can give him or her gifts, you can cook him gourmet meals every night. You can buy sexy lingerie and seduce him every night. You can take her on extravagant trips. You can tell her jokes t...

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Fourth of July: Celebrate YOUR Independence


June 30th, 2016 . Jackie Pilossoph

In honor of the fourth of July, here is my Love Essentially column, published in the Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press, about the importance of staying independent, even if you are in a relationship.   Independence in a Marriage: Not An Oxymor...

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