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Love Essentially
is Jackie Pilossoph's dating and relationships column, published weekly in Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press

Column: Dating is a tortuous but necessary evil. These 4 stories explain why.

By Jackie Pilossoph, Aug. 8, 2019

I have never met someone who actually enjoys dating. What’s to enjoy? An awkward first meeting. A painfully long dinner with Mr. or Ms. Definitely Not Right. The disappointment of not hearing from someone with whom you were sure you hit it off? Read the entire Love Essentially article

Column: Family, faith and finding the perfect shoe

By Jackie Pilossoph, July 8, 2019

Marilyn Monroe reportedly once said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." Well, give a guy who loves shoes a job selling shoes, and he can become a loved and respected footwear guru by the fashionably shod all over the North Shore. Read the entire Love Essentially article


Column: Life lessons I learned from my dad

By Jackie Pilossoph, June 6, 2019

Before seeing the movie “Rocketman,” the only thing I really knew about Elton John’s personal life was that he was a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. “Rocketman,” details John’s childhood, his rise to fame, his drug, alcohol and sex addiction, as well as his eventual recovery. The most heartbreaking parts of the film, though, were those in which John’s mentally abusive parents ignored, criticized and demeaned him repeatedly, even after he became one of the most successful musicians in history. It made me want to weep with pity (and I did.) Read the entire Love Essentially article

Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois

Column: Look before you leap — into a second marriage

By Jackie Pilossoph, May 23, 2019

If you got divorced, would you ever marry again? Almost every married person to whom I’ve asked this question has emphatically said no, for one of two reasons: Either they are truly in love with their spouse and couldn’t imagine feeling that way again, or they are unhappy in their marriage and the thought of being unattached is too appealing to consider getting back into the saddle. Read the entire Love Essentially article