Why He Has A Girlfriend 3 Seconds After Getting Separated


May 28th, 2019 . Jackie Pilossoph

There are many heartbreaks that happen during a divorce. The first heartbreak occurs during that gut-wrenching moment you know you are getting divorced : either you both realize the best option for you as a couple is to split, or your ex blindsides y...

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A Question That Baffles Me When A Spouse Leaves


May 8th, 2019 . Jackie Pilossoph

Every divorce situation is unique. From growing apart to cheating to addiction to finances to falling in love with someone else to when a spouse leaves, there are countless reasons couples split up. What is usually the same in every divorce, however,...

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Ten Breakup Lessons I Learned From My Mother, A Divorce Attorney


April 29th, 2019 . Jackie Pilossoph

Editors note: Going through a breakup or a divorce is emotionally painful, but there are also logistical/practical difficulties that come with the end of a relationship. What I mean by that is, if you are going through a divorce or a breakup, you mig...

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Sometimes Life’s Just Not Fair


April 8th, 2019 . Debra Alper

Sometimes life's just not fair. You can be doing everything right, and get dealt an unfair blow. You get sick, your partner leaves you, you lose your job because the company is going out of business, or being sold. Any of these experiences are challe...

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Lies Divorced People Tell Themselves


April 2nd, 2019 . Jackie Pilossoph

Several years ago, I wrote an article, titled "20 Lies Divorced People Tell themselves." The producers of the WGN podcast, "Uh-PARENT-ly" happened to see it, and asked me to be a guest on the show to talk about each one of these lies, why people tell...

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