The Divorce Process: Let me Introduce You to the Judge


January 7th, 2014 . Jackie Pilossoph

It's hard to believe it's been 14 years since I went through a divorce, but I still vividly remember how intimidated I was when it came to the divorce process. I knew nothing about how divorce worked. I had never heard the words, "litigation, mediati...

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Divorce and The New Year: 12 Resolutions


December 30th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

For many people, the new year is a new beginning, a chance to start over. And actually, a very optimistic person might view divorce in the same way. I think divorce, as sad as it is, can also mean new opportunity, a happier life, and a more peaceful ...

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Divorce Advice: Who Gets Custody of The Memories?


December 29th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago called "What Should you Do with your marriage Mementos?" offering divorce advice on what to do with your dress, your rings, etc. What was interesting was, a got quite a few comments about photos that included, "I threw ...

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Divorce Advice: Why it’s Unrealistic to Expect Forever


December 27th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

Everyone thinks because I’m “the divorced girl smiling” that I am perpetually happy, optimistic every minute, nauseatingly romantic and always disgustingly cheerful. When you hear this divorce advice, you might change your mind about me. &nb...

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Inside the Mind of a Recently Separated 40 Something Woman


December 24th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

It’s a well known fact that every single woman drops at least 10 pounds the minute she becomes recently separated. Think about it. She gets upset and is unable to eat frequently, she’s stressed about the unknown, the attorney fees, and how her ki...

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