Health Insurance After Divorce: Tips from a professional


June 20th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

I ran into a woman yesterday who said to me, "Do you know of a good health insurance company?" I immediately knew the next thing out of her mouth was going to be, "I'm getting divorced." Sure enough it was. Health insurance after divorce is a MUST! ...

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The Bad Behaviors of Some Divorced Women


June 9th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

I know a lot of divorced women. A lot. I know them personally, I meet lots through business and social events, and I receive dozens of emails from divorced women as they comment on blog posts of Divorced Girl Smiling. Every divorced woman deals wi...

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What Divorce Does To A Woman: 8 Great Things!


May 31st, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

Divorce is devastating. It’s heartbreaking, it's gut-wrenchingly sad, and it can be really, really depressing. When people think of what divorce does to a woman (or a man), I bet they think of all the potential negative things: 1. Divorce makes ...

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Honey, I Want A Divorce: When A Woman Decides to Leave


May 28th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

I got an email from a reader who explained that she is going through a divorce, and that the divorce was HER decision. She asked me if I could give her some advice for a woman in her situation. In other words, how does one deal with the immense guilt...

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Let Go of Divorce Anger. Life Goes On!


May 26th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

This is a guest blog by Amy Koko, writer and author of her blog, Ex Wife New Life. I loved reading Amy's story and I wanted to share it with you. While reading this, you will not only be laughing out loud, but this is an inspiring story that every di...

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