Can’t Get A Date? 10 Things to do if You Are in a Dating Dry Spell


November 20th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

Whenever there’s a thunderstorm, it always ends. So does a drought, a snowstorm, a hurricane, or even an earthquake. Guess what? So does a dating dry spell! I know this from experience. So, if you feel like you can't get a date to save your life, r...

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Don’t Ask These Questions In A New Relationship


November 13th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

Picture this. You’re lying in bed with the man you’ve fallen madly in love with. It’s only been a few months, (still a new relationship) but you are SURE he’s the one. He just kissed you and you feel happier and more loved and content than yo...

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Divorce Advice, Speed Dating Advice, And How to Meet Someone


November 8th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

My guest blogger, Buzz Thornton is a dear friend who I met last summer, who will offer divorce advice, speed dating advice, and how to meet someone. I can’t resist telling the story of how we met. My editor asked me to cover a neighborhood Pink...

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He’s not Brad Pitt! Why looks shouldn’t Matter So Much


October 29th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

When it comes to dating after divorce, something that bugs me immensely (and both men and women are guilty of it) are people think looks are the most important thing. Let me tell you why looks aren't everything.   First, I’m not saying t...

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Forget Why Men and Women Cheat, Here’s Why they DON’T Cheat


October 15th, 2013 . Jackie Pilossoph

I feel like there are many, many articles written about why men and women cheat. Why? Because divorced people want to understand why their spouse blew up their marriage for another person, which is very understandable. Plus, people want to know the r...

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